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Hot Pressure Washing
The best method in the market that will keep your business shining!

The Advantages of Pressure Washing

The hot pressure water that comes out of the machine will quickly and efficiently break grease and oil molecules from the surface and will assure a clean and spot-free service. By using this method, you can easily increase the longevity of your property. At Delta Pro Clean, we offer the best service in terms of efficiency and economy while protecting the environment we live in.

We Offer

Hot Surface Cleaning System:
for better results 

Reclaim Water System:
to protect the environment

Dual Operator:
for efficient and faster service


  • Better Results
  • Less Detergent
  • Quicker Drying
  • Higher Hygiene
  • Faster Results


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13863 South 2700 West, Unit #202. Bluffdale, 84065, Utah.

13863 South 2700 West, Unit #202. Bluffdale, 84065, Utah.
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Hot Pressure Washer Service Special Offer

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